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Miki Symons M.Sc.
KANRI EIYOUSHI (Registered Dietitian in Japan)
Miki is a KANRI EIYOUSHI (Registered Dietitian in Japan) and have been working within the area of nutrition and health for the last 20 years.
During this time she has helped hundreds of people overcome a range of nutritional health problems that affected their quality of life.
Alongside her lifelong passion for nutrition and health, she first gained an interest in food and nutrition at the Prefectural University of Kumamoto in Japan. Her research centred on “The Fatty Acid Compositions of Lipids from Fermented Tofu in Miso Paste”, and earned herself a degree in Home Economics.
After her graduation, firstly she was granted the Registered Dietitian Certificate by the Ministry of Health and Welfare under the provisions of the Dietitians Law in Japan (Registered No. 40,126); secondly, she advised various patients about their nutrition in a Health Insurance Association; thirdly developed health foods which considered the environment within the Research and Development department of a Cosmetic and Health food company.
Following her work experience in Tokyo, she was motivated to learn more about the Global knowledge of food and nutrition for people’s health in natural and social environments and decided to move to the UK to study for a Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Health Studies at Bath Spa University. Her thesis was “A Comparison of United Kingdom and Japanese Diet and Disease Trends over the past twenty-five years”.
Invited to present her study, ‘Food, Health and Everyday Life among a Japanese Community in Northwest England: an Ethnographic Study’, to the BSA (British Sociology Association) food group conference 2008 in London, and at ICD (International Congress of Dietetics) in Yokohama, Japan 2008.
Employed as a Science Officer at Yakult UK Ltd in London to educate and promote Japanese probiotic drink nationally to doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.
Produced a number of new healthy recipes for the Japanese community newspaper (EIKOKU News Digest) in London, including:
1. Weekly column feature entitled “Simple, Healthy, Tasty Recipes” creating healthy Japanese & British recipes with seasonal ingredients aimed at the Japanese community living in the UK.
2. Researching and educating readers to the nutritional aspect of food.
3. Preparing, cooking, presentation and photography of food.
Recently been asked to act as a consultant dietitian for Japanese clients at MyGenomics Ltd and a nutritional advisor for a Japanese cook book called Sushi Slim, which is currently being written by a Japanese Sushi chef in London.
Fluent in English and Japanese, reading and writing as well as speaking.
Excellent communication and presentation skills demonstrated at National and International Symposiums and exhibitions when dealing with people at all levels.
Postgraduate research in public health at the Nottingham and Liverpool University, and developed qualitative research skills.
Best Spoken Presentation’ at the PRISM (Postgraduate Researchers in Science Medicine) conference 2008, in the North West of England.  
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